gelezen op de huid
van een oude walvis

  1. mukashikaranokoe:

(by Matilde Viegas)
  2. melisica:

(by smallcutsensations)
  3. "In an instant’s compass, great hearts sometimes condense to one deep pang, the sum total of those shallow pains kindly diffused through feebler men’s whole lives. And so, such hearts, though summary in each one suffering ; still, if the gods decree it, in their lifetime aggregate a whole age of woe, wholly made up of instantaneous intensities ; for even in their pointless centres, those noble natures contain the entire circumferences of inferior souls." — Herman Melville -┬áMoby Dick
  4. Be Still by Elizabeth Gadd on Flickr.
  5. isawatree:

Sun, Smoke, Spring by Daniel Cook
  6. "There are two sentiments to which I am constant - a strong love of liberty, and a detestation of cant." — Lord Byron
  7. artisticmoods:

Amy Judd
  8. grett:

untitled by antonfayle on Flickr.
  9. breakinq:

  10. melisica:

(by [ JEFF LIU ])